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  • Supreme Customer Service

  • Top Tier Marketing

  • Verified and Insured Processing

  • Rent Collection and Disbursal

  • Move-In and Move-Out Inspections

  • Scheduled 6-Month Property Inspections

  • On-Call 24/7 Repairs



The Application Process

  • Prospective tenant must complete an application and pass a Nationwide Criminal Background Check, a State of Georgia Eviction Check, and a certified credit check.

  • All rental references are thoroughly checked

  • Employment and Income MUST be verified

  • Monthly rent can be no more than 35% of the tenant's NET Monthly Income

  • Once a tenant passes our process, all information is then presented to the landlord for approval

  • Upon approval, the lease is prepared and all parties must sign and verify all details pertaining to the lease terms

  • Lastly, a Move-In Inspection is conducted with the tenant, including photographs of the property





  • If the need for a repair arises, the tenant must notify us and then we notify the Owner.

  • With permission from the Owner we send one of our Bonded and Insured Vendors Promptly

  • Our vendors are all on a Net-30 pay basis, which means they do not get paid until the next month's rent is received​





  • Fully Market Property and Tenant Procurement = First Month's Rent

  • Management Fee = 10% of the Monthly Rent

  • Landlords are not required to deposit money into Escrow for repairs


  • Negotiate & Prepare Lease Renewal = 1 half months Rent 

  • If property is already leased and we assume the current tenant, there is a one-time setup fee of $250.




  • Owner will be notified of any repairs needed before they are done. Owner's may also choose to set a DNE (do not exceed) amount which will allow us to work and schedule maintenance without the landlord's involvement. Landlord will still be notified of the issue. ( Some circumstances may require immediate attention and thus will require us to make decisions based upon the situation)

  • Landlords's may choose to use their own maintenance companies with the knowledge that we will still be the sole form of contact with these companies for any repairs.

  • Any work performed on the home by our vendors or yours will be deducted from the rent unless instructed otherwise

  • Once rent is received from the tenant we usually have money in your hands by the 10th day of each month ,with the exception of leases starting in the middle of the month or later




  • All Owners will be required to submit a W-9 for tax purposes



  •  Owners should have a $500,000 General Liability Rider on their Homeowner's Insurance Policy naming Collins Property Management Group as an Additional Insured

  • We also carry our own General Liability Insurance that covers all of our workings regarding Property Management

  • All tenants should also carry at least $50,000 in Renters Insurance 

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